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I am sick to death of the fact that NONE of my friends act like they care about me. I am sorry that this may seem like I am self-centered but how could you even dare tell somebody they are one of your bestfriends when you ignore them when they are right infront of you. And plan out things to do together and DELIBERATELY not include the other person that is sat there with you. I feel like they just feel sorry for me and really they do not care about me at all. It gets me down a lot and I feel very uncomfortable in “my group of friends”. friendship works both ways.

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"What is it about this girl? I’ve fucked many women, but I’ve never felt anything like this for any of them. I’m angry with myself for being so weak, for not being able to discard these feelings. I’m a Dominant for Christ’s sake. I control women. They don’t control me."

Based on this amazing fanfic written on Christian’s POV.


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"Blue is the warmest colour"

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